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  • Hi. I went in search of the materials for this. Found some tubing used in swimming pools. Looks really similar to "sump pump tubing".When I held it to my ear, there was a weird sussurating sound, in the same category as holding a sea shell to your ear and hearing the ocean.The sound was loud enough to be disturbing, and to drown out some of the sounds I wanted to hear.Possibilities:1. My hearing is weird - I had no volunteer to confirm the effect2. My tubing selection is wrong3. Everyone else experiences the same thing, but didn't mention it!Any comments?Brendon

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  • CNC Shopbot Geneva Wheel

    I made one using a laser cutter and 6mm MDF.I had to drill the holes in the arch to make them big enough for the dowels to rotate, and the peg that slots into the big gear had to be made thinner to fit. This could just be a result of Inkscape messing with the DXF file.

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  • adeptdigital commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Iris Lamp

    Thanks for replying.I cut a demo out of cardboard, and am loving the design.So, 6-32 is a diameter/thread specification, and the 3/8, 1/2 and 7/8 are the lengths?A 6-32 screw has a major diam of 0.138 inches?I need the 3/8 for the iris, 1/2 inch for the screws that run in the guide channels when rotating and the 7/8 for joining all the rings and the backing plate?Thanks, Brendon

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  • adeptdigital commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Iris Lamp

    Hi. This is so cool!I have a few questions/requests:Q1: I use metric units. My available materials are:Backing plate: 3mm instead of 3.17mm (1/8 inch)Most wooden parts: either 5mm or 6mm instead of 5.842mm (1/4 inch)Do I need to adjust the design at all, or are the variances within the design tolerances?Q2: Can you break down the actual number of each length of screw?Q3: You don't list the joining dowels in the BOM. What are the total length and the diameter of the dowels?ThanksBrendon

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