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  • beegee62 commented on beegee62's instructable spongebob squarepants3 years ago
    spongebob squarepants

    sorry this was made for a neighbour so I did not take many pictures only the one u see. if u have any questions I will be happy to answer them as best I can

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  • beegee62 commented on beegee62's instructable Jellys-crochet3 years ago

    oops! forgot to mention make 4 triangles and sew them together, leaving an opening to stuff with fibrefill. The eyes are crocheted white but you can use felt sheets and black felt circles. it may be easier for u to attach the eyes before joining the 4 triangles together

    thx start with 30 chain and decrease at beginning of each single crochet row.until there are two stitches left .sc into the second stitch and draw ynrn through the loop. finishedthe decrease I did was to not chain one up at the beginning of each row and then crochdet in second chain from hook.There are 3 ways to crochet a triangle and you will find them on utube as well as instructions for spirals...which are a any no of chain , dc in 4th chain from hook then 3 dc in each chain till the end.hope this helps

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