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Self employed industrial electrician who likes taking stuff to bits and modifying it, or building completely new stuff. There's nothing nicer than a completely unique one-off item that you custom made just for yourself.


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  • You're right. The only reason I put this particular project up as an instructable is because someone ripped off my original design and promoted their kit here. I contacted Instructables about it and they said it was not in violation of their terms, so I ended up putting the assembly guide up here for the original project too. The original version of this kit was completely open with downloadable PCB layout and software. Unfortunately I had to lock the newer version of the software when the earlier version was used in other peoples commercial products.

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  • There should be absolutely no connection between live or neutral to ground,even through a capacitor unless it is specifically class Y rated and a very low value. An ioniser will find its ground reference through the mains supply. In this design the entire side connected between neutral and ground will be pointless. There is a reason the traditional ioniser design just had the multiplier between live and neutral.

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