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  • gweeds commented on gweeds's instructable DIY TiX Clock
    DIY TiX Clock

    Hi There,JTAG definitely needs to be off, if you are missing LED's lighting up then it is not off. I am not sure of the hex values the fuses should be at, I use Bascom to program my AVR's, it has tick boxes for turning settings on and off and then sets the fuses appropriately. Setting the clock is done by pressing the set button, each press of the set button steps through the setting sequence; Hours, Minutes, Update delay. The hours and minutes should flash when setting and the update time flashes the hours in a particular way and the update time is displayed by the minutes section.

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  • Love it! looks awesome!

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  • gweeds commented on gweeds's instructable DIY TiX Clock

    Hi, I have now made this into a product with some improvements - check it out at

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  • Hi there, all the component values should be in the eagle schematic. The whole thing is powered through a 5v power supply

    Hi there,yes it is powered via a normal 5v DC power supply. A USB charger will do the job and is the safest way to power your projects. All the light switch does is provide power to this supply.PLEASE BE CAREFUL if this is your first time with mains powered projects. Please use a commercially manufactured and fully encased supply.Mains voltage is lethal and will kill you if not treated with respect.I am a fully qualified electronics professional and have been working with mains powered devices for many years - even so I am still extremely careful and double check all connections and use earth leakage breakers.

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