Introduction: Lego Excavator for the Kids

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Here's my little Lego excavator I built the other day so the kids could build more of their Lego City.  

It uses mainly parts of the "My First Lego Set" number 10657 and some other bits.  See the next step for all the bits laid out

I love reliving my childhood Lego times with my kids! 

Step 1: The Parts List

See the picture for all the parts required for this little digger

Step 2: The Base

Start with the base and add the wheels to it.

Step 3: The Base

Step 4: The Base

Place the two red 2 by 2 blocks in the middle of the base

Step 5: The Base

On the centre of these blocks add the turn table tile and place the rear lights, grill and safety bar as shown

Step 6: The Base

Flip it around and add the front lights, safety bar and slope bit and surround the turn table tile with safety bars and grills as shown

Step 7: The Base

Finish the base off by placing the black 4 by 6 plate centrally on the turn table tile and mount the half round 1 x 4 yellow brick on the back.

Step 8: The Arm

Attach the black 6 x 1 swivel part to the 2 x 2 plate.

Step 9: The Arm

To this add two 2 x 2 swivel blocks

Step 10: The Arm

And finally click on the bucket.

Step 11: The Arm

Place the arm on the base as shown

Step 12: The Cab

Add a control panel, levers, and the two 1 x 2 yellow bricks and the L plate as shown

Step 13: The Cab

Place the other two 1 x 2 yellow bricks and L Plate on the other side as shown

Step 14: The Cab

Add the wind shield and rear glass

Step 15: The Cab

Place the black 1 x 4 plate on top of the wind shield and the 1 x 4 black side mount block on the rear glass.

Step 16: The Cab

Add the "Safety Lights" and sloped plate as shown

Step 17: The Cab

Add the roll bars, place your "minifig", start her up and start digging!
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