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  • joen commented on rocket radhi's instructable Roof Gardening5 weeks ago
    Roof Gardening

    Oh well... I guess I'll have to ask around. Still this is a good idea that more people need to give serious thought to. Thanks for posting your beautiful roof garden.

    I noticed you mentioned a kit for starting a roof garden but you didn't show where you can get it. Where can you get it? Here in the American southwest there are a lot of flat roofs since there is no threat of snow. A lot of homes and industries could benefit from this idea.Thanks for the inspiration.

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  • joen commented on 19zmroc's instructable Magic 85 weeks ago
    Magic 8

    Hi. I like your idea about making an electronic 8 Ball. Sadly I don't have the electronic hardware you have but I was able to make the equivalent formula in Excel. Columns A and B are written as is. The formula in C:1 is "=RANDBETWEEN(1,8)". I expanded D:1 to make it more readable but it is not necessary. The formula there is "=LOOKUP(C1,A1:A8,B1:B8)". C:2 is just an open cell with a number in it to trigger C:1's random number. Just double click C:2 and then click on any empty cell to "shake" the 8 BALL. Thanks for giving me something to play with for a while.Please take care.

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  • joen commented on Kennisses's instructable Freestyle Stunt Kite5 weeks ago
    Freestyle Stunt Kite

    OK, Now that it is made, for those that don't know, How do you fly it?

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