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I love keeping my mind busy with useful things. Have been involved in Electronics since school. Built my first computer from a kit in the early 80s. Tangerine Computers Microtan 65.

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  • Hi, Sorry for the delay, but I was unable to reply up to now.Please send me the code that you are using and give me details of your setup. Tell me how many sensors you are using and their addresses.I am currently not able to use Blink as I am no longer using it, but I am sure we can get the problem resolved.RegardsMaroelawerner

    Hi, Figured it out. In the sketch, do not use OneWire ds(7);, but use OneWire ds(2);.I used a NodeMCU v0.9 to test it. Connect sensor to D4.This will only read and send data for a single sensor. Also change the first Delay time from 10000 to 100. If that delay is too long, it disconnects from the network.RegardsMaroelawerner

    Hi,Yes, there problem. After trying your sketch I got the same problem. A quick look at the code revealed that there is no code to connect to the WiFi network.Need to fix that.RegardsMaroelawerner

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  • Hi,Have you tried using a lower baud rate? Have you got more than one CH340G? If so, do they all behave the same way. Might be a faulty chip.

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