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  • nazmo76 commented on texstyles's forum topic HELP

    Maybe the machine is waiting for some kind of connection with a PC (thus the computer and sewing machine icons), that's all that come to my mind,I hope it might help

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  • Good news,I ordered a while ago some fittings from ebay to see the quality and stuff, they arrived yesterday and today.It happens that the 1/8" NPT fit nicely into my 1/8" BSPP check valve (same thread and all), also I have an Italy made paint spray gun that has never been used, it happens that the fitting on it is 1/4" (I tested with one 1/4-1/4 fitting I ordered), all of them fit tightly and the males are not too conical, so I think that with teflon tape it will go nicely ^^Anyway thanks for all your advice, I'm going to order all the fittings I need (but before I'll talk to the sellers to ask a discount because I will order around 20 fittings), I come back when I get some results ;)

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  • Ah and also, I'm in France, that's why I'm not familiar with those inches fittings but the Chinese Ebay sellers don't sell tools and fittings in metric...

    Sure, but you're lucky living somewhere you have access to the parts directly, I checked the local hardware shop, only metric and expensive fittings available (+ low stocks) so I'll have to buy online Sure about caution, I bought a 120PSI safety valve (+ I have a regulator and a pressure switch on the way, for safety and... comfort :) )

    The pressures will be pretty standard (9 bars max, probably far less), I saw people using (with success) teflon tape + NPT fittings, the part where it comes unhandy is this BSPP Check valve, I searched for infos about the specs but didn't find anything relevant, so maybe I'll order a NPT valve, just to be sureanyway, if anyone has some knowledge about the possible compatibility, I would be really interested ;)

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