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  • Alexa Enabled Garage Door Controller for $25

    Thanks for the comment. What's the fun in using a ready made solution. It's surely more fun to flounder about with a project like this. Well, maybe not for everyone.P

    My opener was is a Genie and it appears to ignore any "pulses" that are more than a second or two long. I had tried a number of Alexa enabled switches and outlets but none would actually get the opener to operate so I tried this approach. I suspect that my network latency may be the problem. In any event, if you want the ESP8266 to return the status of the door position, there many code samples on the web for setting up the 8266 as a web server or examples of ways to send texts or emails. This was one the reasons for using the 8266, to put more complex coding into the device than use a single purpose "smart" relay. Thx for the comment,P

    Remove the lines #inslude " Here " and you should be good to go. Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been traveling in areas without decent connectivity.P

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    • Alexa Enabled Garage Door Controller for $25
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  • Alexa Enabled Garage Door Controller for $25

    Here's another relay that will work (and it's less expensive!):

    Thanks for the comments. I believe this is a solid state relay but it is definitely 3.3 volts so it doesn't need a driver to do the switching. Btw, this is one of the few relays that I've found that does work at 3 v. Whenever I do a Google search for 3.3 volts relays, G seems to only find 5 v relays or modules. PD

    I don't have a Google home on this network but this should work with the Google Home which supports Hue lights. This software presents itself as a Hue lamp controller so Home should discover this device the same way as Alexa does. PD

    I tried this relay and had spotty results. I you can make it works reliably, it looks like a good way. PD

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