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  • Can't agree more on this ;)

    I run my RPis 24/7, some has been on for months if not whole year :) I have it in closed plastic enclosure which is bad too. No issues with overheating at all, I can assure you I am in XBian Team which you probably recognize as Kodi distro, so pretty much same as OE you using ;) And RPi3, which I use too, is not running that hot even under heavy FHD 1080p/DTS playback/strem

    Nice case. But why would you have such big fan or fan at all fitted on RPi?I have a few myself from day one they released the 1st version, but never have a need to fit a fan or any kind of heatsink on it.

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  • good idea. Appart from using audio out on RPi so we not really talking HiFi here ;)You should really avoid on board audio out and use decent DAC either on GPIO or USB

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