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I'm an Electrical Engineer working out of Northern California with a never ending interest in repairing and creating.


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  • The aref pin should stay disconnected since we're not using any analog pins. It defintely should not be grounded. It looks as if I grounded it. DO NOT ground this pin.

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  • Here's the pinout I found online:Arduino Pin 13 to SCK of your atmega8Arduino Pin 12 to MISO of your atmega8Arduino Pin 11 to MOSI of your atmega8Arduino Pin 10 to RESET of your atmega8Arduino 5+ to Vcc of your atmega8Arduino Gnd to Gnd of your atmega8The pinout for the atmega8 is available to figure out which pins are SCK, MOSI, MISO, VCC, GND, and RESET.I hope this helps!

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