Introduction: Fix a Flat Tyre - Tire the Easy Way With a Mini Compressor in the Car Boot

This is a very simple general suggestion I found many drivers are not familiar with. Keep a mini compressor (cost about 10-20$) in your car boot. When you have a flat tyre use the mini compressor to pump the tyre up and drive to the nearest garage to get it repaired. You'll have to go to the garage anyway so you might as well save yourself the hassle of changing the wheel. Careful!!! Local laws may forbid driving with a punctured tyre.

Step 1:

Occasionally you'll get a flat tyre. The first thought is to change the tyre and then go to the garage to get it repaired. Well there is an easier and less laborious way.......

Step 2:

Always keep a mini compressor (cost about 10-20$)in your car boot.

The compressor will surely come with the manufacturer's set of instructions and these are easy to follow.

Step 3:

Insert the mini compressor plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

Step 4:

Pump the tyre up to the required pressure.

Step 5:

Drive to the nearest garage to get the tyre repaired.