Introduction: Mini Ballistic Knife

what if you got caught spying on someone and they started chasing you?  Good thing you have your own mini ballistic knife so you can protect yourself. This tutorial shows you how to make your own mini ballistic knife to protect you if you get into a similar situation. 

Step 1: Supplies

-3 pens with springs inside 
-1 BIC pen
-a soda can
-a few sheets of paper
-hot glue
-small drill-bit
-small nail

Step 2: Making the Blade

-Cut the soda can around the top and bottom so you get a large metal strip of aluminum.
-Flatten out the strip.
-Cut a knife blade out of the aluminum. (I made it out of six layers of aluminum so it would be stronger.)
-(optional---you can use a soup can instead of a soda can and it will be stronger)
-glue all the knife blades together to make it really strong.

Step 3: Finish the Blade

-Cut the BIC pen at about two inches.
-Cut two slots on either side so you can stick the blade into it.
-Glue the blade into the BIC pen.
-Cut a piece of paper and wrap it around the remaining section of the BIC pen and glue. (only a few wraps)
-Wrap another piece 3/4 inches down and glue. (this one needs to be thick pretty thick, about 1/2 an inch in diameter)
- Insert nail in the hole at the bottom of the knife blade an glue.

Step 4: Make the Base

-Cut a piece of paper longways about 4 inches wide.
-Wrap it around the knife base and glue. (when its finished drying the blade should fit in the hole loosely.)
-Make the bottom of the ballistic knife by folding a piece of paper up a lot to make it very tightly.
-Cut the paper to size so it fits on the bottom and make sure to add generous amounts of hot-glue.

Step 5: The Spring

-Open the pens and get the springs out and cut a small piece of the ink holder about 1 and 1/2 inches long
-Hot glue them together in this order:       SPRING--SPRING--SPRING--INKHOLDER.

Step 6: Stabilizer for Springs

-Cut a sheet of paper approximately 2 and 1/4 inches wide. 
-Wrap it around the springs, so the springs fit snugly in it but can still move up and down inside of it, and glue.
-Glue it into the mini ballistic knife base. 

Step 7: Hole for Wire

-put the blade into the base and simply drill a hole straight through it for the wire to fit in 


Make sure you don't hit anybody or your pet or anything unless you really are on a spy mission