Introduction: Model Yourself With a 3d Model (maybe Your Family Too)

To create a 3d model of yourself using a 3d printer you must use a program such as the ones in the 123D family to create a 3d model of yourself. You must take several photos of yourself from different angles and put them into the program and have it generate a 3d model of you.
After the model is generated you can go through and delete any parts you don't need like walls and floors so only the person is printed. Next you must scale the model so it will print out in one entire piece. You can also create scaled models of each of the members of your family and create a family portrait that you can put on the mantel.
the digital 3d model of my example can be viewed in the included screen shot. Another choice if you have the time and are tech savy you can scale the model to full size and seperate it into smaller sections and put the sections together after printing. For this to work you simply have to edit the model and draw in connectors such as ball and socket joints or clips like on a back pack to hold the pieces together so it can be assembled. It can take some time to put together but if you paint it and dress it up in clothes maybe you could trick some of your friends with it.
Think of the possibilities. Here is an example of the photo angles you would need to take using a statue as an example. To print it full size if you don't have a large enough printer, you would seperate it into sections and draw in connectors. Then print it and assemble it.. This can be a fun activity and can create a special keep sake for you or a loved one. be creative with it. Don't stop at just one create an entire collection of miniature family members and make a diorama or scene by also creating props to set them up with.
As always be creative print the model in white and paint it if you want think of how your mom would look with green skin or your dad with pink hair have fun with it.
For those of you who don't have a 3d printer like me you could try making stickers by printing your models out on sticker paper or use Autodesk 123D Make to turn it into a paper craft or card board model. For my example i have made a sliced cardboard stacked model and included some pictures and although it doesn't look like much being that i printed it so small it was fun putting it together and i learned that you could make 3d models by stacking cardboard, i never knew you could do that.
Another method is folding paper, there are two ways to do this.
One break the picture down and add tabs and glue the tabs together after cutting it out or as i did take a picture from the front back and sides of the person or in this case statue. And print them out making sure they are all about the same size. Next cut around the person in each photo. Next apply glue or tap works to, to the edge of one piece and align it with the piece it matches to pressing the glue or tape together to hold it in place. Then continue with the other three sides until it forms a cone shape and if you want you can do the same with the top of the cone to close it off and well ah you have a simple paper standy model to set up, maybe you could put a tube through it leaving the top open and letting it be like a fountain or make a bunch and hang them on strings to make a mobile be creative and see what you can come up with. hehe, have fun with your models and crafts. :)
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