Molding Plane

Introduction: Molding Plane

I could not find anything to replace this rotted out molding on the victorian exterior restoration job I was doing, so I decided to make it myself, out of old growth redwood that was original to the house. In the old days before routers they used molding planes to make pieces by hand, and so I gave it a try. A simple piece of metal ground and filed to the right shape became my blade, and I used some scrap hardwood salvaged from a thrown out couch I took apart. It surprised me how easy this was for me to make. The blade angle was a reversed and almost vertical, to create a "plow" type plane that gradually scraped shavings off on the push stroke. As I only needed a few pieces about 3 feet long to add to a rebuilt entrance stair column, it worked perfectly and did not take much time. I have to say I even impressed myself with this one.

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5 years ago

Good job, but you made the wedge from the short grain of the wood; it should be long grain. That way it won't break if you smack it back or sideways. Also, leave some room for the chips to exit so they don't bunch up in front of the blade. You would notice this if you used it for more than a few feet, but job accomplished!