Introduction: Moulin Rouge Inspired Corset

moulin rouge inspired is very sexy when you wear it...i used different materials in my corset project like plastic boning,fabric ,beads,lace to make it more attractive yet so easy to make..

Step 1: Making the Pattern

In making the pattern measure your front from the top of your bust to your waist. draw a line on your pattern paper using that measurement. then measure the waist and the hips and your now ready to make your pattern.

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

before cutting the fabric you should trace the pattern to the fabric using any marker like tailors chalk.
put an inch outside the pattern for seam allowance.Now you are ready to cut the fabric.

Step 3: Sew Them Together

after cutting the fabric you now have 12 pieces to attach and sew together. do the same thing in making the lining.

Step 4: Plastic Boning

Sew the plastic boning to each seam in the fabric and attach the under lining inside the corset.

Step 5: Holes for Eyelets

make a holes for eyelets. put a mark where to cut holes using a ruler to make them straight and they should be inch apart. in making the holes be sure not to make it to big just the size of the eyelets.

Step 6: Final Touch

for my final touch i just put some bead works on the corset to have its moulin rouge effect.