My First Quilted Coffee Cup Mat

Introduction: My First Quilted Coffee Cup Mat

My first "self made" project it a little coffee cup pad. I took and cut a piece of material (an old tee shirt) 6" x 12". I found a piece of batting and cut it to about 5"x 5" and used my Singer"No sew" material glue on both sides of the batting and set in "centered" on 1/2 of the tee shirt material and folded the other half over the other side of the batting to make an orange cover sandwich. After my "glue" dried I started in one corner area and just started to sew slowly and steadily weaving about (remembering that I read not to let your quilt lines cross each other). Talk about was..OH MY GOSH...look at it!!! I folded the open end(across from the initial fold) and pinned it closed. I used a zigzag stitch just for a different effect. Then I "rolled" the right and left edge and hand sewed them closed using just a plain whip stitch. My husband had a big smile on his face when he saw it sitting on the end table near his chair. I guess you could say he is the reason I read up on the simple quilting because he mentioned it would benice to have a little mat for his coffee cup to help keep it warm longer. I sure hope it works

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