Introduction: Ninja Star Gun Platform Version 2

About: I am an 18 year old from luverne MN, and I love to spend my spare time playing with knex, Legos and my xbox. I also enjoy hunting, airsoft, and swimming.

In this picture you can see my first gun design, (top) and the new one. (bottom) the new gun design has a dial trigger wheel compared to a single trigger wheel, and can shoot farther, and has the capability to do a "shotgun mode" with ninja stars, as well as more rubber bands than the first platform model could support.
Longer stock
"shotgun mode"
Dual trigger wheel
More comfortable feel
Multiple ammunition types
Less than 50ft (unless you use an arrow)
Some what piece consuming
Not the most accurate with ninja stars

Parts needed:
At least 3 rubber bands
Green rods: 62
White rods: 32
Blue rods: 29
Yellow rods: 6
Gray rods: 2
Gray single connectors: 8
Light Gray dual connectors: 2
Red triple connectors: 2
Green quadruple connectors: 13
Yellow half connectors: 58
White snowflake connectors: 2
Black "short" connectors: 4
Black ball joint connectors: 24
Spacers: 8 blue thin
Blue "short" connectors: 4
Orange half connectors: 10
Total pieces: 266

Hope you enjoyed this instructable! ☺

Step 1: Barrel

Build the item in picture 1 six times. Then take 1 set, and do as shown in picture 3. Pictures 4-11 show the set assembly. Picture 12 shows 28 pieces, but you only need 24 (these pieces can be replaced with any other one section connectors). Picture 14 shows 14 white rods, and 15 is the completed barrel.

Step 2: Stock

Here are the pieces you will need for the stock in picture 1. Now follow the pictures.

Step 3: Trigger System, Trigger Guard, and Barrel Connection

For this step, just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Final Assembly and Stringing the Rubber Bands

Once again follow the pictures. Now the gun is finished.

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