Introduction: Non-sconce, Mood Lighting With Old Cds

The word sconce means a candle holder with a flat, often reflective back. As I've only made the back I can't call it a sconce, so it's a non-sconce.
I first made this with the leftover cds from a chandelier I made a few years ago:
I've always liked the reflections from the cds, and this really takes advantage of it.
This time I wanted to make it for the instructables Epilog Challenge, and there were a couple of differences; in the last few years cds seem to have got less robust. They are still hard to break, but the backing seems to come off more easily and I thought more about the hook this time.

Step 1: Ingredients

These are what is needed
- cds (I ended up needing more than I thought, because some of them lost their shine when I broke them)
- light card (this is the lid from a box of paper)
- pliers, 2 pairs
- safety glasses !!! This stuff really flies when it breaks
- 2 part epoxy (5 minute)
- paperclip
- toothpicks, for mixing and applying the glue
- oval printed from step 2
- scissors
- baking paper for mixing glue on

Step 2: Print and Cut

Print the jpg to the size you want, glue it to the card and cut it out
(oops I forgot to put paper glue in the ingredients)

Step 3: The Hook

You can use the toothpicks to make 2 holes in the oval.
Poke the paperclip through the holes and give it some 'curls.
I have put big dollops of glue on the curls to stop the hook falling out.

Step 4: Breaking the Cds

This is where you use the safety glasses!!!
The second photo shows what the camera saw in mid flight as a piece of cd hit it, again - wear the glasses.
And you might notice that I have got a bigger pair of pliers than I originally thought I needed, these things are tough.
Break the cd away from you.
There is some wastage as not all the pieces can be used, but don't chuck out the skinny cracked bits, they reflect well.
It is a very messy job as you can see from my carpet after I've picked up most of the pieces.
Australians might recognise the face in the background, for an explanation see

Step 5: Glueing

Using the 5 minute glue means gluing in stages, I like to try to have a loose base cover and then add more to cover the gaps at a bit of an angle.
I'm gluing on the coloured side so the gaps show through.

Step 6: Finished

This is it hanging behind a candle inside, and in front of a quick and dirty sconce I made, outside.

Step 7: Outside Non-sconce and Quick and Dirty Sconce

The sconce is made from a couple of ikea pieces.
Spontan magnetic rack (AU$1.95) bent about 1/3 of the length and the Vaghult candlestick (AU$1.95) ,with one rubber stopper removed, glued on to it.
I had to extend the candle to make it high enough for the non-sconce
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