Opitmus Prime

Introduction: Opitmus Prime

first mesure your child. The body was made using foam board. I started by cutting foam board the with of my grandson and than started folding the foam board to fit around his neck and down his back inches. I cut out the area for his neck than started forming the front. He side arms were folded cardboard. Everything was attached using red or siler duck tape. the front panal is a ice cube tray painted gray and attached to the front using wire. I attached shoestrings arcoss the back to tie this on the child. The lights on his sholders are small flashlights. his legs were made using 12 pack cardboard soda packs. adding more cardboard to make fit I formed all of this around an old pair of tennis shoes so he just stepped into the leg parts. He smokestacks are papertowel rolls covered with foil and hot glued on. the windshild was drawn by hand than lamanited to look like windows. his head gear was make out of a baceball helmet, I cut out the ear pieces out of styrofoam hot gluded into place and all spraypainted blue to match the rest. This costume takes trial and error to get the side correct but was a labor of love.

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    5 years ago

    Great costume I am unable to download download instructions. instructions ideas how? This is exactly what my son wants for Halloween. thanks