Introduction: How to Draw a Castle Crasher

How to draw a Castle Crasher from on Paint

Step 1: Step One

First Open Paint
Next Open the View panel
Go to zoom and select 400%
Then press view again,go to zoom and press grid
I cant show you what it looks like because the computer does not show the grid

Step 2: The Beginning or the Head

Creat a square any size but make sure you have enough space on both sides
Then erase the top and select the sqiugly line tool and make a rounded top
Next erase the bottom and make triangle-shape kinda thing
On to the next step
kinda hard right? dont worry the next parts get easier

Step 3: Detail of the Head

The cross now
Next The detail to the cross
Then the eyes and the color effect thingy
Now the color
ill be doing orange but you can do what color you like
and when you do it the grey line should be the same as the second color
On the next step again...

Step 4: The Body or Last Part!

This part is the simplest despite most video game characters bodys are complex but longest
ok the torso make rectangle-type thingy around it and then add a triangle
The arm now make a quarter circle thingy and a detail thingy
Next sword handle and hand
I am doing the sword first because,I use it as a guidelineand it makes it easier to do
Next the feet, make a round-triangle thingy,then follow the little details because they are to explain
And now the other foot make a triangle like thing along the sword and then make the triangle foot
and add the detail
The sheild now! Make the arm and the shield and add the detail
I know i said last part but another step for color!

Step 5: Body Color

Just add the colors to the spot where it goes
Simple kindergarten stuff
Have fun!
I change the weapons and faces alot!
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