Paper Wedding Flowers for Table Decorations

Introduction: Paper Wedding Flowers for Table Decorations

Create fun table decorations to match your wedding theme.

Step 1: A Few Things You Will Need and the Steps:

You will need scissors, pencil,

hot glue gun and glue sticks,

paper- (pretty japanese paper, wedding wrap or create your own to match your wedding theme)

Draw a teardrop shape for your petals- be creative and like at a flower for inspiration.

Draw a few leaf shapes, a pointy teardrop or look at a real leaf. Fold in the middle, than fold again a few times to create veins

Cut 15 or more petals from your papers- you can cut one and use it as a guide to cut a bunch at a time.

Cut a couple of leaves.

Draw a long rectangle shape and cut it. Fold it a few times and bend into a bunch to create the inner part of the flower.

Hot glue the petals, starting with 2 and continue until you have them all glued together. Add leaves and center.

Place on your table and enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    we might try this with comic book pages!