Introduction: Penny Mario Pixel Art

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this is how i made use of all the pennies that i had. i will try my best to explain how to do and where i got my materials. be nice its my first instructable. in total it cost $6:43 to make. $1:43 in pennys the remainder was for the frame. i had the glue and markers.

Step 1: First Step Would Be Sorting Out All Your Pennies. I Have Alot.

this is the hardest part. takes a long time also a good light.

Step 2: Next You Need an Idea and Tools

here it gives you all the pixels so you can see how many pennies u will need. the design i used is mario cause im a gamer and thought me might look cool. mario is 16 pixel tall and 12 pixel wide. also these are the tools i used and the picture frame i used.

Step 3: Next Is Using Your Seperated Coins and Start to Lay Them Out.

i liked the brown look but as soon as u step back it started to look like a brown blob in certain angles. so it took me some time and i tryed to find a way to darken or brighten up the pennies. i didnt like it so i decided to just paint some red ( this is optional keep that in mind. )

Step 4: I Used a Red Paint Marker and Here Are the Pictures and Some Comparisons of Normal and Red Pennies.

take your time and have fun is what i had to keep saying to my self lol

Step 5: In All It Took 143 Pennies.

41 red. 43 shiny pennys. 58 blacken pennys.

Step 6: At First I Didnt Think I Needed Glue. I Was Wrong.

fail... need to glue it down.

Step 7: Gluing Them Down. Using Your Ruler.

in some of the pictures u see me use red pennies and point at them that is i can keep the straight line. so dont glue them down in the wrong spot ok. remove after u got the line straight. i found if u lay out the pennies in a row dow the paper it helps to center the pixel mario.also if u glue down the first penny on the left use the ruler to keep the straight and it goes a whole lot faster. after the first couple of rows it gets easier. but take your time. dont super glue your fingers together.

Step 8: Next Sign It and Put It in the Picture Frame. But Be Careful I Cut My Thumb on the Glass.

sign and seal up your work then find a wall to hang your new wall art.

Step 9: Lastly Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

some up close shot of the pennies. thanks for viewing this instructable. hope it help you in anyway.

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