Introduction: Portable Arrow Building Station

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This project I've been wanting to do for a very long time now, the only reason I held off on is because I couldn't find a battery powerful enough to heat up the wire but was small enough to be portable. It wasn't until a few days ago when I realized, I was looking in all the wrong places, I found the battery while I was drilling(can't remember what)and I noticed that the battery was small, compact and rechargeable, so I did a little test to see If it would work. By taking a steel wire, two nails, and two copper wires, I hooked them all up and to my surprise the steel wire got red hot. Excited, I immediately went to my whiteboard and and started designing my idea. I came up with one design that includes a garbage can, a storage compartment a place to glue feathers on to a shaft, and a feather burner(to cut the feathers) If you don't know what a feather burner is hers a link to a Video of one in action so as you saw in the video the wire got red hot and burned a shape evenly into all feathers.
The whole thing is about 1' by 8'' by 5'' it is very light and very effective. Thank you for taking time to review my instructable, please vote for me in the portable workshop contest.

Step 1:

The tools you will need are:
  • An electric drill
  • A refrigerator clip
  • A clamp
  • Pliers 
  • Wire cutters
The material you will need are
  • two nails,
  • copper wire,
  • steel wire,
  • small nails
  •  an ice cream lid,
  • Some scrap wood
  • An old container with a divider 
Optional items 
  • Wood dowels
  • feathers 
  • A straight edge razor
  • An extra battery for drill

Step 2:

Start by hammering two nails in your scrap wood about 3 to 4 inches apart.

Step 3:

Next you will need to put up the walls 

Step 4:

Now attach the steel wire, bend it into what ever shape you want your feathers to be. There is a picture of some shapes to give you ideas

Step 5:

Now cut two notches on both sides right next to the nails.

Step 6:

Now you hook the copper wires to the nails and to the battery 

Step 7:

Take your ice cream lid and cut the edges off. then cut out a shape, this will be for the feather trimmings to slide into the garbage.

Step 8:

Now test it out, the wire will be red hot then place arrow in the slot an start turning the feather will be the same shape as the wire

Step 9:

For the other side build a similar structure to the first one, And make sure the container fits.

Step 10:

Next take another piece of scrap wood and nail it one centimeter above the container

Step 11:

Cut two triangle pieces out of both sides. You use the clip to hold the feather on and the clamp to hold the clip steady

Step 12:

Finally you drill two holes in the back and glue neodymium magnets in the holes, this will hold the two pieces together to make it more portable. I hoped my design has inspired you to build your own and improve upon my design. Thank you for reviewing my instructable, and please vote for me in the portable work station contest.

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