Introduction: Reuse Old Mobile Phones for Home Automation

Hi...... Friends
we all have used old feature phones like phones with small display and keypad models. Nowadays our trend is Smart phone with huge display,4G,slim,etc. So what about those old phones.... is it a electronic waste ? well my tutorial is how to convert a old phones (screen broken,mic and speaker damaged,keypad damaged ) to control appliances in home....

Step 1: Gathering Materials

The very first step is to gather materials required for our project......

materials required
1) Old phone
2) sim card

3) DTMF module
i bought DTMF module from Flipkart

4) 3.5mm audio jack

5) Relay board
5) 7805 voltage regulator and a 9 volts battery

6) lamp and lamp holder
7) wires and wire cutter,snipper

Step 2: Connections

1) make a 5 volt supply using 7805 and 9 volt battery
2) next step is to power the DTMF module with 5v from 7805 output.
3) now connect 3.5mm jack to DTMF module and mobile phone

to check whether the module is working or not, press 1 button in you mobile so that D1 digital output will go HIGH i.e D1 Led should glow.

4) connect D1 output to the relay input and connect lamp holder with relay as shown in diagram

Step 3: Working

Insert sim card in the your old phone and goto settings --> call settings --> advanced settings--> answer mode and select auto answer when headset is connected .
Ring up from another phone to the old phone to which DTMF module is connected, your call will be automatically connected and now press 1 the lamp glows and press 0 to turnoff the lamp.

Step 4: Final Step

you can use any appliances like fan,air conditioner instead of lamp thus you can use your old phones to control any devices from any where in the world :D

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