Secret Book Safe.



Introduction: Secret Book Safe.

Need a secret place to store your precious items? This safe will leave the thieves jobless. this instructable is fairly easy. but please get the permission to cut a square in a book.

Step 1: Materials.

the materials are.

1. A book.


3. a small safe that could fit inside your book.



Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Open the cover of your book and trace the outline of the small safe on the inside of the book. you may also use the ruler to measure the safe and then trace it it

Step 3: Cutting the Square.(or the Shape of Your Safe)

Cut along the traces line that you have drawn. It is easier to cut a few pages once, not page by page or the whole book at once. Cut to desired height.

Step 4: Placing the Safe.

Once you have finished cutting the shape out you may place the safe in. If the safe doesn't hold in place you may use pva glue or superglue to glue it on the book.

Step 5: Finished!

Now you can store you keys or important things into the book safe and put the book on a book shelf or bring it with you while travelling. the book will them blend into the other books. But you must remember which book it is.

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