Introduction: Shining Names With Rhinestones

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The idea is to make quickly text, names or other with rhinestones for t-shirt.

When I was young I worked in the print shop. I thought, "why not replicate the composition by hand even for rhinestones?"

To simplify the process I used a magnetic material.
Come to order and see how to realize our "Typo Rhinestones".

  • Sandblast sticker
  • magnetic material
  • a cutting plotter. I used to be a Roland GX-24 and a Roland iDecora.
  • Scissors
  • A lid rettangole of ferrous material
  • Rhinestones

Step 1: Graphic

I prepared the graphics with Roland iDecora Creator who has the function of creating shots for rhinestones.

You can use CorelDRAW, Illustrator or Inkscape simply using the font that I have attached which is built with the dots.

You can download the font from this link

Step 2: Cutting

I measured the diameter of my rhinestones and I resized the font so that the circle is bigger than 10% of the diameter of the rhinestones

I wrote the whole alphabet and I sent in cut using a thin blade and make two turns doing the cutting on the same circle

Step 3: Peeling and Merge

I peeled the circles using an adhesive (glue on glue) on the material sandblas on which I had cut the alphabet

I applicatio sandblast tape over the magnetic material and I cut many squares how many letters of the alphabet.

Step 4: Apply Rhinestones

At this point you can use the iron lid to place the text typeface, and spread over the rhinestones that with a small brush you are going to place all straight with his face shining upwards.

Using the application tape capturing all the rhinestones that are placed in the holes of our text.

Step 5: Make T-shirt

Just a flat iron at 140 degrees for 15 seconds to transfer the rhinestones and apply it on a cotton knit, cardboard or other surfaces that accept hot glue rhinestones.

And in a few minutes you can make all the names you want

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