Introduction: Shopping Bag Bivvi

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Hello everyone,

This is my D.I.Y bivvi bag. it is made from shopping bags that have a hard wearing outer that is waterproof.

the inside has foil insulation that is foam backed its used to keep food cold for up to 3 hours more, so my guess was it would help keep me warm all night long. especially with a sleeping bag as an inner.

i have been out camping with this, the night temp was 6 and the wind chill made it feel like 2 according to the weather forecast.

Step 1: Tools

This is really easy to do,

just a little time consuming unless you have a sewing machine in which case i am jealous. I did this by hand and had a few light ales to to dull the times i poked my fingers. ( to be fair the ale could had been to blame for that)


sewing needles

I used 20 lb fishing line as my thread but normal can be used and is easier to work with.

and your sleeping bag as your pattern that way everyone can make there own the right size for them

Step 2: Time to Build!

This is the fun part,

as you can see you it is really straight forward.

I made mine in sections by joining 2 bags together 7 bags in total for me,

I used a running stitch through it all and pulled it tightly together, i used the existing folds of the bag to keep the material strong and avoid fraying.

as i am no sewing expert i went for 20 lb fishing line. my thinking strength over practice has seemed to have worked out. i've done the sleeping bag shuffle with this and its not ripped yet.

Step 3: Rolled and Ready Camp

so here is the bivvi bag rolled and ready to go.

and just as i had the pics this is where i went, it was a little exposed but the bivvi bag really came through. i was warm or hot the whole night.

the foam padding that it had was really comfortable and even on cold ground my back didn't feel a thing.

hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading

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