Introduction: Simple Graffiti

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graffiti have many styles and ways to do it... every artist have his own way to draw it.
 will i draw graffiti but i wish i will help you a bit. and plzz give me some instructions and tips to improve my self and thx for reading this ^_____^

Step 1: U Need

you will need some things to start drawing...
 1.of course a paper
3.rubber. marker with a round tip.
5.colors u would like to use.
optional: a black pen.

Step 2: Start Drawing

maybe u would like to use your name or nick name to start with because you are used to write it more than any other thing.
1.start writing your name lightly on the paper with the pencil so you would be able to erase it later. 
2.start shaping around the light letters with the style that you would like u may use sharp edges and curves but i used smooth ones it all depends on your style.
3.start to mark over the style with a black pen (thats what i prefer) to put the guide lines for the shadowing and the painting.

Step 3: Shadowing

i start shadowing before painting so the lines would be clear.
1.start shadowing around the pen lines so you would give the paint a 3D style and you may give it an angel for the shadow.
 2. u may want to use color shadowing it always depend on the style.

Step 4: Coloring

you may use more than 1 color or no color even.
you may make an effect of the way you color like flames or shadows or drops.
1.give shadows while coloring too.
2.paint with the curves and the lines to give an effect.

Step 5: Some of My Graffiti Paints

here is some of my graffiti paints give me you opinion and tips ^__^