Skull on a Pole

Introduction: Skull on a Pole

this is a mash up of MacGyver's skeleton hands( and a paper mache skull wedged between the hands. I added a way to attach the hands to a mop handle by zip tying the hands to a bar in my piece and then screwing it to the mop handle. Cut the hands off just below where they intersect.

Step 1: 3d Print Hands and Holder

Step 2: Buy and Decorate Paper Mache Skull

Step 3: Find a Old Mop Handle the Kind That You Can Unscrew From the Mop

Step 4: Zip Tie the Hands to the Printed Handle Attachment, Screw in the Mop Handle.

Step 5: Wedge Skull Between Hands You May Need to Zip Tie Skull to Hands to Make Extra Secure.

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    6 years ago

    This looks fairly simple, but appropriately creepy. Nicely done!