Introduction: Small and Simple Lego Technic Rubber Band Shooter

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it's only got 11 parts!

Step 1: 1: Get the Necessary Parts

the 11 parts are as shown below.
if you can't see them, they are:
the double bent beam (11.5) X2
3m gray axles X3
knob gear X1
black double peg connecter with axle middle X1
gray double peg connecter X1
5m beam X1
triple length black peg X1
rubber band X1 (or more, if desired)

Step 2: 2: Put It Together

follow the pictures. it should be kindof obvious. read the image notes, though.

Step 3: 3: How to Load and Fire

this is a slightly tricky part, see pictures if confused.
to load:
put a rubber band BETWEEN the two pegs on the black double peg connecter, the other end goes around a knob on the knob gear. after this, pull the knob gear back with your thumb, kinda like a real gun.
to fire:
let go of the knob gear!
to find rubber band:


*ba dum ching*
if the rubber band wont fire, make sure of a few things.
1: make sure that your hand isnt under the knob gear.
2: make sure that the rubber band is BETWEEN the pegs, NOT IN THEM!
3: make sure that you didn't pull back too far.
4: make sure that it isnt stuck on anything.