Introduction: Soda Can Grill 2.0 Part 3

hello today your looking at the first dubble soda can grill to hit this site.comming from the guy that put the very firs soda can grill up on this site. this grill compaird to the others are harder to bulid. for this grill you need : a plyers, sicers, a sharpy ,2 empty cans of soda, 3-4 coat hangers and plenty of pashents. the proes of this grill are that more food can be produced and a grater amount of charcole can be used for a bigger fire.disasembles quick for easy clening un like the medium version of this. the cons hard to asemble and hard to put the grats back on. but in all this is a grate project and a grate camping grill can fit 4 hot dogs with the ends of the cut off or one small peace of chicken if you do read this i want your a magination to go wild dont do what you think needs to be done if you can improve on this modle than good dont folow the pack invent a new way of grilling and comment below