Study Table and Craft Place...

Introduction: Study Table and Craft Place...

this is my study table, less than 1square meter, i dont have much tools, most of it are for amateurs and partly un reliable, but i try to make the most of it out of this place...

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    As long so you the person knows where there tools are .. Where can one say its bad but seriously.I can feel for you and know the frustration, when i have had to throw some tools,supplies or something that were usable was hard. Personally i have No reason to discard these things bc of my area work bench looked like the same filing system used in this photo.Having no where to store or place with having ability to work in same space can be stressful; as i shortly came to find out. as 4 it being small but for me and my poorly planned space;having same challenges with no space.Now i am in fear of or running into the chance of being fined . As inspections that have been a requirement that was not an option but hard strict rules 4 my working space.that i have had to throw away alot bc of NO room 2function.Being that you look like you have done wonders with the space tho..know that the positive side is that its a great little space and have alot to be proud of what u have done with the space$ its purpose. good luck with that system & would love to hear if any got new thoughts or ideas of improve it..

    Andy Mack
    Andy Mack

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Let's see! That winning lottery ticket is somewhere here.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    hahahha!, dare you to find a defalted baloon, hahaha!