Introduction: Stuffed Animal Scarf

Recently, my little sister has been obsessed with these stuffed animals called beanie boos. She wanted help making a simple accessory for them to wear. So, I came up with this quick and easy scarf. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to make! ( also, i am using a phone camera for this so....)

Step 1: Materials

1. yarn ( any color and weight. I am using weight 3 pink yarn)
3. ruler ( optional; I just like to eyeball it)
4.beanie boo or stuffed animal ( optional )

Step 2: Getting Started

1. Cut about 24 inches of yarn from the yarn ball.( adjust length as needed)

Step 3:

2. cut another length of yarn the same length. Then, place the 2 pieces side by side.

Step 4:

3. repeat step 2 until scarf has reached desired thickness ( I usually repeat it 5 more times

Step 5: Putting It All Together

1. hold all of the strands you have cut together, and tie a knot in the end
2.repeat on the other end

Step 6: Done!!!!

All done!!! once again, apologies for the use of a phone camera, but it is all I have. Also this is my first instructable so sorry for any mistakes.