Introduction: Super Simple Ligter (Zippo) Holder/stand (mecarno)

ok well i have some old mecarno hanging arund and seems i may as well put it to use, here is what i came up with a simple ligter stand that can hold a few types of ligters and anything else you can fit !  : )

Step 1: Parts Needed and Tools !

ok so here is the basic tools and peices of mecarno you need !

i dont really know the names of each peice so i will just tell you how many hole's the blighter has and what bends other wize just refer to the picture !

1 X  5 by 3 + two bends (3 by 1)

1 X  3 by3 + two 3 by one bends

4 X small black alen key skrews

6 X threded square nuts

Thats it for the parts, as for tools you will need an alen key (that fits lol) preferably one of the ones with the ball head that can be used at an angle, but its not to vital.
also useful is some description of pliers to ge the nuts to the desierd angle or tigten them up !

thats everything now lets get started =D

Step 2: Time to Build the Thing !

ok start by taking two of the black bolts and skrewing a single square nut down to the end of each of the threds !

next put them through the two hole's nect to the bend in the 3 X 3 peice, then take another two nuts and put them over the bolt that is poking through and tighten them with the allen key (hold the nuts in place with your fingers as it dosent have to be to tight but if you want you can break out the pliers and give it a good fastening !

now this is done you are half way there !

so now you can take the 5 X 3 and bend one of the lips a littel more inwards as it helps with the next step ! (its not nessacary but it dose help a little)

ok last major step !
take the longest peice and place it on the side with no bolts on the 3 X 3 !

now put one bolt through one of the hole's on the left or right of the 5 X 3 to conect it to the 3 X 3 put a nut on the other end and give it a good tighten up !
now repeat the same on the other side you dident do and there you have it !

i would recomend covering the bolts that will come in contact with the lighter as they may scratch the finish !!!

thanks for looking :D