Super Slim Keysmart

Introduction: Super Slim Keysmart

this is once again, one of the many keysmarts that you can find here.

the profit of mine is that its much slimmer and smaller than all the other ones

(will add pictures of the completed keysmart later)

Step 1: Getting the Materials

1 key's (duhh!!)

2 screws (depending on keyhole in size) (m4, m5)

3 nuts m4, m5

4 metal bar/ bars

5 paint ( optional)

Step 2: Making the Keysmart Plates

first you need to make the plates that make the keysmart

i used a aluminium plate of 2x12.4cm

cutted in half so it made 2x6.2 sized plates

6cm is the minimum size you need for 2 sided keysmart

use some paitners tape to tape of both sides of the plates

then over-draw your keys on so it fits 2 keys on both sides without the holes in the way of the key's

(see scematic for more information)

Step 3: Making the Holes

now you have mapped out the key-holes and size

use a smaller size drill to drill the holes after using a centerer to drill the pre-holes

after that you drill the holes to the correct size of the bolt.

Step 4: Smoothing the Plates

smoothing the holes with a larger drill so there are no metal flints on it

after that smooth of the edges to prevent it making holes inside your pocket.

Step 5: Painting the Key-smart

now you are completely done you can paint the keysmart in the wished size.

i used back paint.

Step 6: Adding the Keys

now you can add the keys using the bolts

make it so that you have 1 (maybe 2) keys on each layer, then use some metal rings as spacers

then repeat the sta

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    7 years ago

    It sounds cool but I wish you posted pictures.