Introduction: Swiss Roll Salad

this salad represents my was and still my favorite one.

Step 1: Ingredients

dough :

1 kg and half potatoes boiled and smashed as puree

filling :

note : this filling can be adapted according to your taste.this is the basic one

3 boiled aggs grated and spiced with a pinch of salt and pepper

2 box of tuna

ketchup and mayonaise

natural yougurt

hot sauce ( optional)

salt, pepper and sugar

cling film for rolling the dough

Step 2: Making the Sauce : ​in a Boll Mix the Yougurt,mayonaise and Ketchup.sprinlke Salt, Papper , Sugar and the Hot Sauce

Step 3: Set the Sauce Aside

Step 4: The Filling : in a Boll Add the Tuna , the Grated Eggs and 2 Table Spoon of the Sauce

Step 5: Set the Filling Aside

Step 6: Over a Surface Spread the Cling Film Then Over It the Potatoes Dough

Step 7: Try to Make Like That

Step 8: Press Gently the Dough

Step 9: The Dough Is Ready

Step 10: Spread the Filling Over the Dough

Step 11: Take the Edge of the Cling Film and Start Rolling As in the Image

Step 12: Keep Going

Step 13: This Is It

Step 14: Gently, Try to Smooth the Roll Like in the Image

Step 15: Spread the Remain Sauce Over the Potatoes Roll

Step 16: With a Fork Try to Make This Lines

Step 17: to the Fridge for an Hour to Become More Firm.

Step 18: Voila, the More It Rest in the Fridge, the More the Taste Become Delicious

Step 19:

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