Introduction: Temporary T-shirt Designs

This is a nice wee instructable creative, easy and rewarding
You'll need some crayons, sand paper, a t-shirt and an iron.
And I didn't take that picture but I thought it was a good design, cuz it's simple an impressive once it's done.

Step 1: Draw You Design

Useing the crayons,draw your design on the sandpaper( the finer the sandpeper the better it comes out, emery paper is probaly the best)
.:REMEMBER:. It's going to come out backwards so write letters and stuff backwards ,cheak in the mirror if you're not sure it's going to come out right.

Step 2: Ironing

Place the sandpaper roughside down, on the t-shirt then iron the smooth side.
I ironed it for too long(that's why there's no pics) and the paper stook to the t-shirt
but i have done it before, so trust me it works.

Step 3: -fin-

That's pretty much it:
just leave it to cool and it should last 3 to 5 washes but it will still leave a faint mark of the design, so dont plan to use the t-shirt without the iron-on design again.