Introduction: the BEST Paper Plane

Ever wanted to build a paper plane but the one you build just does not fly, worry not ,in this tutorial you will be taught how to make a world class flyer.This one will amaze your friends and yourself when you see how long it flies.This is also great for relaxing after school or work.

NOTE :- Remember to make all the creases very sharp

Children below 5 yrs should be supervised by parents/guardians ,swallowing bits of paper can be hazardous.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Materials required :-

  1. An A4 sized paper (Trust me any convenient rectangular paper is fine).
  2. Nothing more but 15 mins of your valuable time.

Step 2:

  • Fold the top right hand corner in such a way that the top edge aligns with the left edge as shown above.

Step 3:

  • Open it and do the same with the left corner as shown above.

Step 4:

  • Now again open it and fold the corner along the crease formed such that the right edge is folded along the crease as shown above.

Step 5:

  • Without opening it then make the same fold from the left hand side as shown above.

Step 6:

  • Just turn the paper around from where the two edges meet as shown above.

Step 7:

  • Fold it with the edges perfectly aligning with the creases.

Step 8:

  • Fold again along the line of the edge and the crease from the right side as shown above.

Step 9:

  • Make the same fold from the left hand side as shown above.

Step 10:

  • Now fully fold the part portending down, upwards such that its corners and the edges formed in the previous two steps touch.

Step 11:

  • Fold the whole plane into half.

NOTE : Do this from the side where all the folds are made and not the other way around.

Step 12:

  • Fold the wings of any convenient size but remember to not make the folds from but to leave some space

Step 13:

  • Trim the wings according to the detection of the wind and make sure to raise the wings upwards before flying.

Step 14: Enjoy

Now you can enjoy flying the plane that will never fail you.

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