The Amazingly Delicious Idli Sambar

Introduction: The Amazingly Delicious Idli Sambar

As a south Indian I like idli sambar myself so I thought that I could share it with you


For the idli

Par boiled rice 4 cups

udit dal 1 cup

salt to taste

grind the udit dal first then add rice and grind to semi solid paste then let ferment a little for fluffyness

for the sambar

2 tomatoes diced(you can add any vegetables you like like carrots,capsicum,brinjal,etc)

2 chillies cut

Dried coconut,chana dal,fenugreek seeds,4 Dried red chillies ,I table spoon coriander seeds ground to powder after roasting all except coconut (called sambar powder)

Boiled dal


6 drumsticks cut

Tamarind water made by boiling tamarind

Turmeric powder




To make the sambar

Half boil the drumstick

Add tamarind extract

Add salt and turmeric powder

Let drumstick cook well

Add sambar powder

add tomatoes

add chillies

add quarter of the dal

Allow to boil for 1 minute

Heat oil in a pan

Add mustard

Let mustard pop and then add to sambar and mix with a serving spoon


To make idli

Take idli mould and grease with oil

Add idli batter

Keep pressure cooker ready

Put in cooker and cook for 10 minutes

Remove and sprinkle water over it

Take spoon and remove from mould

To serve

Keep 3 idlis in a triangular pattern and serve generous amount of sambar

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    9 years ago

    I recently did a song called "Balleilakka" and it talked about idli. I had no idea what that was until I saw this recipe. It looks delicious and I hope I can make some in the very near future!

    Hi.. your recipe looks great. One small suggestion, if you change the cover photo of this instructable to something that can show what you are trying to make in this iBle, I am sure people will have better understanding of what this ible is all about and your views will be more.
    Thanks for sharing :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the advice I'll change it right away
    and a quick foreword on my next instructable I'll be making jaljeera next
    hope you like it
    please vote