Introduction: The Rolling Monster Eyes (simple Animatronic)

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This is very cheap and simple animatronic, just used a single dc motor gearbox and 1battery AA operation. can use to be part of props of Halloween.

Step 1: Material

1. 5mm Plywood

2. Glue gun

3. dc motor gearbox

4. 2 pingpong ball

5. single battery holder + 1battery AA

6. 2 5cm nut and bolt

7.2 little lamp 1,5v (or colour LED)

8, mask or Printer

9. little swiching and wire

10. cutter

create a face picture on plywood or can print pictures of faces in images on letter size paper. adjust the size if there are different pieces are also part of the buffer motor on plywood and then cut using a cutter or can use the saw for plywood.

make eyeballs from ping pong balls, adjust the drawing to your liking, you could make it like dracula, cats eye balls or any monster ball eyes.

Step 2: Lest Build

Now we create a mechanical activator of nola's eyes, is very simple, first we cut 1/3 of ping pong balls, create a hole in the top middle of the ping pong balls broke through from top to bottom.install the ping pong balls in part the motor holder plywood, follow all steps as in pictures.

After all is installed, take a wire 2 piece wire length to the distance the eyeball so the length of the wire positions eyeballs are both facing forward, and attach one wire from one eye to the Rotary motor adjust the length of the wire with an eye to motor, try dialing manually if it does not occur when the clock moving eyes spinning and then it was a long match. try running the motor by using the battery when it is already functioning advanced to the next stage.

next install the motor with a face holder part fitting right eye with eye holes in part face plywood plug elbow acrilic or elbows like the middle of the eye.

for the next stage, attach the little lamp or Led input into eyes connect wire to swich and battere holder battery holder and switch intelligently paste on the aft part face

Step 3: Finishing

last install this animatronic on masks or input into a helmet, or simple way you can print a picture that already provided on paper size letter in full, make a hole on the part of the eye and paste in animatronic.

Have FUN Happy Halloween ^,^

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