Introduction: The Many Uses of an Everyday Coffee Cup

Okay your at work and you just bought a cup of coffee from wherever and you go to work and drink it. Now you are don with it and you are about to throw it away. Now STOP. Instead of throwing it away, use it for fun.

Step 1: The Coffe Cup Basket Ball

if your dine drinking your coffee, remove the lid and use it like desktop basket ball. Use old post it notes as your ball. Practice your aim at different games you can make up.

Step 2: Coffee for a Change

When you bought the coffee,you probably got change from your purchase. When your done, put the change in there like a mini piggy bank. It could come in handy in vending machine emergencies.

Step 3: Coffe Cup Mini Garden

If you live in the cities, you probably live in an apartment with no lawn or backyard. If you like flowers or just gardening,a used coffee cup could be an easy start. Just put some soil, the seed ,and water. Put the stuff near a window with a lot of light. Now you wait a few days and water again. Do this again and again.

Step 4: Coffe Cup Pencil Cup

if your desk if covered with pencils and pens, use a coffee cup as a pencil holder. decorated if you want.

Step 5: Lego Coffee

if you love legos like I do, than you might have a bunch all mix together. use a coffee cup as a sorter instead of digging around for hours looking for that one piece. instead of legos, you could use nuts and bolts.

Step 6: Coffee Cup Art

if you are an art lover, use a bunch of coffee cups to make a sculpture or just stack'em up into a castle or fort .use them to make a coffee cup pyramid. it might take alot but don't give up! ( not saying go to a coffee shop and ask for 100 cups of coffee. take it slow)

Step 7: Chess World Coffe Cup

use old coffee cups as a chess set. turn the cup upside down, write the name of the piece and cut the cup in half. now you ready to go. you can use post it notes as the board. ( still not saying go into a coffee shop and ask for 32 cups of coffee!)

Step 8: The Most Obvious Use

Of course you still want to use it for holding other things like soda or a homemade drink! don't throw it away! Reuse Reduce Recycling

Step 9: Just a Target

use it as a target for whatever. A bb gun target, dart gun, ball target and anything need that needs aiming!

Step 10: Poker Chips

cut off the bottoms to make poker chips. useful when you lost one or two for a game at home

Step 11: Coffee Deck of Cards

cut the bottom and write the numbers and type of card on them. like the ace of diamonds would be an A on top of the diamond . this card deck would make it easier to shuffle.

Step 12: Coffee Cup Prank

save a bunch of cups over the year and wait for april fools day. then just stack them up or just throw them in his/her room/(place that they go to alot)/bathroom and wait. sure it may look like a waste but uses them again for all the steps.

Step 13: Coffee Oragami

get one cup and glue it to another.
then put one in between
then another
then another
then another

keep going until the cups form a ball shape

Step 14: Coffee Candle

make your own candle with a coffee cup.
1 cut it to desired size
2 melt wax and pour it in to the cut cup
3 before it cools, put a wick through the cup and hold a little bit out
4 hold it till wax is cool and hard

light the string.

Step 15: A Hole in One

make a miniature golf course in your own home/office or just practice golfing with old coffee cups

cut the side of a coffee cup off like the picture shown
then put it on the ground

for miniature golf,cut off the other side, still following the instructions on the top to make a tunnel.

Step 16: Sand Castle Mold

it is a sunny day at the beach and you just finished your coffee from wherever. there happens to be a sand castle making contest near by . you enter cause you are bored. Now, how do you start? you could use your hands, but that would be real dirty and messy or you the cup in your hand as a mold and carry water to the sand. You finish your castle and it is time for judging.

Step 17: Trash Bin

use the recycled coffee cup as a mini recycle bin for post it notes and other recyclables.

Step 18: Spider Catcher

if you love or hate spiders, use the cup as a spider catcher. you see one, slam the cup right on top of it.

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