Introduction: #theDress

Is it blue and black? Or gold and white? Which team are you on or can you decide? This costume lets you be both and keep people talking about the biggest conundrum ever!

For those who need a refresher about the 2015 pop culture phenomenon: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dress

Step 1: Gather Supplies

-1 blue dress in your size
-1 white dress in your size
-Black Ruffle 3" ribbon
-Black Ruffle 1" ribbon
-Gold Ruffle 3" ribbon*
-Gold ruffle 1" ribbon*
-1 yard black mesh
-1 Yard gold mesh (match ribbon!)
-No Sew Glue
-Iron On Adhesive

*in the event you cannot find gold (as I could not as my local store) buy white ribbon and gold fabric spray paint!

Step 2: Create the Base Dress

Take the Blue Dress and the White Dress. Cut them in half (make sure to cut front and back at same time so it is even!)

Take the right side of the blue dress and left side of the white dress.

Turn these inside out and pin the halves together.

Use either the iron on adhesive or no sew glue to join the halves together. Let dry.

Turn dress right side out

Step 3: Add the Top

In order to give the same mesh allusion of the top of the dress like the original, take some of your black mesh and lay it on top of your dress. Take pins to pin the shape of the top. Cut carefully around this outline. Repeat with the gold mesh.

Now, take your no sew glue and apply a thin line around the outline of this mesh piece. Allow to dry completely before moving forward.

Step 4: Add the Stripes

The original dress had a combo of thick and thin stripes. Start with the black 3" ribbon. Lay it out and Cut to size. You will want to stop at the seam under the arm pit. Now you will want to pin these to dress on blue side. There are 5 of these. One at top and bottom, one in middle around stomach and then a double stripe around the breast area. Repeat this on the white side with the gold*. Make sure the ribbons line up on each side.

Next, add the thin stripes in a similiar manner. There's 1 across the breast, three near stomach, and 2 near bottom. Do this for the blue and white sides.

Now, use either the glue or iron on adhesive to adhere the ribbon to the front of the dress. let dry.

*if you need to spray the ribbon, be sure to do this BEFORE this step and that it is 100% dry or it will get on th white fabric.

Step 5: Wear and Spark Debate

Just as the dress did when it first appeared, have fun and spark debate at all your parties!

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    6 years ago

    Hi, since the photo originally came out in Feb 2015 you may want to add a copy of it and a brief description of it. Not everyone will remember this. Many of us are not into social media (people at work told me about it). Clever pop culture costume, though.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Excellent suggestion! Added a link to the Wikipedia article about the phenomenon for those who need a refresher :)


    6 years ago

    This turned out looking great! Thanks for sharing!