Introduction: Toothpick Bow and Arrow

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this is a bow i thought up when i was looking at the popsicle stick bow and arrow at note: not very powerful but good for annoyance.

Step 1: Materials

you need to get your materials first. you need 1. a ton of toothpicks 2. scisors 3. super glue(thank god for super glue) 4. rubberband

Step 2: Making the Bow Shape

now you need to boil some water and put the toothpick in it for a few minutes. then bend it to the shape you want. after bending it, you will have to hold it there. if it breakes a little bit you can super glue it.

Step 3: Finishing the Bow

now you put the rubberband on. wrap the band a few times around the top. hold with 1 drop super glue. pull to bottom and repeat.

Step 4: Fire

for ammo you can use either a toothpick or a q-tip. (that is all i have used. if you find something good, please tell me) i hope you all know how to fire a bow. if you dont, ask your 2 year old brother.