Introduction: Turn Old Jeans Into a Bag

hey folks!
this is the very simple, slightly time consuming way of turning your old jeans into a cool bag.

Step 1: You Will Need...

you will need
an old jeans
a sewing machine
thread matching the color of your jeans
pair of scissor

Step 2: Cuttings

first cut your jeans as shown in the pic.
try to keep the fabric as straight as possible. don't pull it as it is stretchable.  iron if required. I have got a curve edging of my bag if you want straight one cut accordingly.
when you are dine cutting, rip the seam off and separate the front and back part.
and discard the front part.

Step 3: Cuttings Continued

now rip of the inner seam of one of the legs.
open it up and place the back par (which is now front of the bag ) on it as in the pic.
cut it out. now you got the front and the back side of your bag.
now take the remaining part of the leg and mark 2 inch wide strips.
cut out 3 such strips two of length 1 inch more than the sides. and one 2 inch more than the base.
if you are not getting a single long strip you can join two smaller strips. try to use these joined strips for the base and get single strips for sides.

Step 4: Stitching

now get your sewing machine and stitch the three strips to the back side of the bag.
stitch the edges with a zigzag stitch to secure the work.
now stitch the front of the bag making sure wrong sides face each other. sew the two sides before moving to the base.

Step 5: Handlel

alright now as done earlier cut a two inch wide strip of the desired length of the handle plus 2 inches.
sew the longer edges with a zigzag stitch (you can also cut a wider strip and fold it for a neater look but sometimes it becomes difficult to stitch a thick cloth in the machine)
sew this strip to the side strips making sure wrong sides face each other.

Step 6: Flap

okay this step is optional if you are happy with your bag just add a zip or velcrow and finish of there.
if not, join a flap!
take the other leg and rip if apart.
now keep front side of your bag on it and mark 4 inch extra length.
cut it of and sew with zigzag stitch to the top of the back side ( on the right side)
stitch with zigzag stitch along the edge.
and you are ready.

Step 7: Lastly

if you want you can do a little applique or something.