Introduction: Tutu-like Fairy/punk Skirt

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here is a really easy to make fairy skirt, PERFECT for the non-sewer, and can be easily modified to suit ANY theme.

Step 1: Gathering Your Matierials

You will need
1) measurments- desired length of skirt
2) Lots of netting
3) Organza or other sheer fabric
4) cotton, or other non-sheer fabric
4) assorted ribbons
5) length of elastic that fits around your waist snugly

Step 2: Starting

Give a general description of the Stepew/tie your strip of wide elastic so it fits snugly around your waist.. Start cutting the fabric into strips double the length of your chosen skirt length. With left over pieces, cut shorter strips, so you have a selection of short and long strips in various fabrics.

Step 3: Putting It Together

starting with the longest strips, fold them in half and tie them securley around the waistband. Between the long strips, place the shorter strips, and work down to the shortest. Finally, use the strips of ribbon randomly. If you are going for the punk look, tie metal charms onto the ends of the ribbons.

Step 4: Wearing

you might want to wear a tiny little black/whit skirt or shorts with this tutu, as it flops around a bit. Wear with conviction. P.S. Sorry I have no photos, my camera isnt working!