Introduction: Very Powerful Knex Hand Gun.

this small gun that is the size of your hand and is still very uses 34 peices plus duck tape and 5-10 ruberbands. It is the smaller version of an ever better gun that is just as powerfull as killerks gun but doesn't usr the black rod. It also doesn't destroy any peices.

Step 1: Gather Parts

gather all parts in the pics.

Step 2: Build the Barrel of the Gun

this is the barrel and trigger of the gun.

Step 3: Build the Firing Pin

in this step you biuld the firing pin.

Step 4: Biuld the Handle.

in this step you build the handle to the gun.

Step 5: Put It All Together

in this step you put all the componets together

Step 6: Adding Rubberbands

in this step you add the rubber bands.

Step 7: How to Hold

this shows haow to hold.this is a two hand gun. one to hold and one to shoot.

Step 8: Modifications

This modification will make the gun mare powerful. It is very simple.
1. This is all you need. my knex gun.
2. Then you remove the firing pin. This is also a great time to remove any broken ruber bands.
3. Then remove this grey piece.
4. Then slide this part over.
5. Then put the gray piece back in.
6. Then put the firing pin back in.
7. re-connect the rubberband and your ready to shoot even further than before.
8. This is showing a better picture of it.