Introduction: Walking Zombie Machine

Step 1: Materials

1.scissors 2.small cardboard box 3.piece of cardboard 4.crudely drawn zombie 5. about 1 foot of wood dowel 6.tape glue gun (optional)

Step 2: Cut Holes

cut small holes about half way dow the side of the box and reenforce the holes with tape

Step 3: More Cutting

cut out a square about 2 inches then poke a hole in the middle.

Step 4: Wrapping the Square

wrap the long cardboard piece around the square.

Step 5: Putting It on the Dowel

put the square on the dowel about halfway down it. then tape/hot glue it on

Step 6: Put in In the Box

put the ends of the dowel in the holes.

Step 7: Add a Handle

make a handle out of dowel and cardboard the stick it onto the end of the other dowel.

Step 8: Make This

make that out of cardboard. make sure the holes are big

Step 9: Cut That Out

cut for of these out

Step 10: The Moving Parts

cut 2 wood dowels to be 1inch or less then stick in into one of the holes then stick the cardboard on

Step 11: Tape It In

tape it into the box so lt lays on the square

Step 12: The Zombie

cut out the zombie picture then cut of the arms. put the arms onto a dowel.

Step 13: Its All Coming Together

put the ARMS onto the moving rectangle. put the REST OF THE ZOMBIE on a new stand

Step 14:

Step 15: DONE!

move the handle to make the zombies arms move thanks for reading if you liked it vote for it! heres the video:

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