Personalized Wedding Favours-Bride N Groom Cookies

Introduction: Personalized Wedding Favours-Bride N Groom Cookies

Wedding favours

The custom regarding giving favors to wedding invitees goes back centuries and was to say thank you to guests for helping to make the occasion special. In the past, European aristocrats, particularly those from Italy and France, would give each and every wedding guest a sugared treat presented in a trinket box. Sugar symbolised prosperity and royalty and was an expensive commodity. These favors are still commonly given at today’s wedding receptions. The wedding favor also served as a token of the celebration and still does today, something which the guests could retain and remember the day by.

In recent times the type of favour presented to guests may focus around the theme of the wedding and reception or simply relate to the bride and grooms way of life, there’s no limit. Together with providing decoration for the dining tables, the wedding favours might also provide a source of entertainment for the guests or a talking point.

I made these lovely bride and groom cookies for my best friends wedding.

It did take me a little effort and some time but the results were fabulous ,yes that paid off all the time and energy invested!!!

Step 1: Making the Cookies

I used a basic cookie recipe, keeping it simple with just 4 ingredients.....

This recipe makes around 10 hearts(of course depends on the size of the hearts)

Butter 1/2cup

Sugar-1/2 cup

All purpose flour -2 cups

Cinnamon pwd -1tsp/ or vanilla essence

Egg yolk 1 .....(store the egg white for the icing)

.....oops that sums to 4 ingredients, never mind.

Step 2: Dough

In a mixing bowl cream the butter with the sugar, then add in the egg. The cinnamon powder and the flour in the final step.

knead the dough to a firm cookie dough.

Cover it with a cling wrap and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours(overnight for the best results).


Place the dough between 2 parchment papers and roll out evenly with rolling pin to a thickness of 1cm approx.

Leaving the lower sheet beneath the dough cut out hearts with the cookie cutter.

Carefully lift out the hearts and place on a lined baking tray.

Step 3: Baking Your Hearts

Preheat the oven to 180C and place the tray in the middle rack of the oven.

Bake for around 15 minutes till slightly golden brown.

Remove the tray after baking and allow them to cool completely.....and I mean it COMPLETELY!

This completes our cookie making process.

Step 4: Frosting the Cookies Into Lil Grooms and Brides.


mixing bowl

egg beater

needle tool or toothpick

a medium-fine paintbrush

2 piping bags.

a sharp scissors to snip off the ends the cones


1 cup confectioners sugar

1egg white

2 drops vanilla essence

Black food color

few teaspoons water if needed.

Step 5: Processing the Frosting.

Placing the egg white in the bowl beat it up till frothy.

Slowly add in the sugar.

Beat it further till a stiffish consistence is reached.

The frosting is bright white..

Divide the white frosting into 2 parts.

To one part add 2 drops black food color.

1.Fill the first piping bag with stiff white frosting. We will use this for lining and borders.

2. To the remaining white frosting add a 1/4 tsp water so that it is a bit runny. Fill this in the 2nd piping bag...this we use to fill in.

Step 6: Lil Bride Cookies

1. Outline:

with the piping cone frost the outline of the bride cookie.(see pic 1)

2. filling in:

Making adjecent lines filling up the space to be filled in.


with a toothpick mix around as to fill in any empty space.

Allow these bases to dry for at least 30 the mean while we make lil men...

Step 7: Lil Grooms.

Use the same procedure to make little triangles at the center of each heart shaped cookie.

Allow to dry.

Step 8: Lil Men.....

With the paintbrush carefully paint the remains sides of the groom cookies. make sure that all open parts are painted.

2. dipping your toothpick int he black frosting dot along the center to make buttons.

3.With the toothpick paint a tiny bow.

4. With your piping liner draw a zigzag collar.

5. stick in a little sugar heart as shown int he picture.

TADA....MR is now ready!!!

Step 9: The Bride Will Go On.....

Your bride cookie base has dried.

1.With the piping cone sharpen the outline, you can make it little decorative with tinny dots to imitate lace.

2.Make swirly curves on the base to give a pattern.

3. dot a tiny semicircle to make a little pearl necklace.......the possibilities are endless.

4.Stick in a tiny sugar heart in a corner to match with the MR cookie.

So the bride is done too...yes she did take longer but looks so PRETTY.

Step 10: MR and MRS

Here are a few patterns I made.... they are all uniquely handcrafted.

These cookies can be made a week in advance. They store well once completely dried in an airtight container for a good week or 2.


thanks for reading thru.

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    7 years ago

    These are just marvelously cute!