Introduction: Where No Wind Blows: a Novel

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This isn't really an instructable, more like what I did last year and I want to show it to the public. So without further ado, here is my novel,

Where no wind blows

Chapter 1
I don’t know why, but on saturday morning, I had gotten a sudden urge to go into my brother’s room, and tell him to get our dog, Anakin, and go for a walk together. My 10 year old brother’s name is Michael. My name is Peter. My brother’s face brightened up to my question. Like it always did when I asked him something like this. I enjoy seeing that big smile on his face. There was this one time, I had lost my most favorite toy. He had helped me find it. I wanted to keep it to myself from now on. But I asked a him if he wanted to play with it for a while instead. His face also lit up to this question. I'm so glad that I asked him. I love it when he has that face, it reminds me when I am that happy. It is usually when my parents let me do some of my favorite things. Like skateboard, or watch my favorite show. Which currently is Doctor What. I really enjoy it. Because it has a whole bunch of science fictional things in it. And I love science-fiction. Some of the characters in the show are cyberboys, day-leks, and Doctor What. He always flies around in his SIDRAT. Which meant Space In Dimension, Reality, And Time. I still like the show. My brother slipped the leash onto our shaggy, brown dog. Our dog is about the size of a small step stool.Okay, maybe he's not that small. Maybe a little higher. I remember when we first got our dog. I was 8 when the foster parents of our dog came by. Before he was ours. Foster pets are like foster children. They live with foster parents until a family adopts them. Only these are pets. I was sitting on a recliner, and my parents on the couch. We were seeing if Anakin would like me or my parents. The foster parents let go and he jumped onto my lap.We all knew that he was the perfect dog. My brother, Anakin , and I went out to the front after we went to ask our parents. And then we went out to go on a walk. We usually take a walk every two weeks. We also usually go to the closest park, or sometimes the corner store. But this time felt different. Being that it was November, the air smelled like leaves and pumpkins. It reminded me of Halloween, where we all got to carve one big pumpkin. Each one of us (being my younger brother, my two younger sisters, my parents, and I. The older younger sister is very artistic. And my youngest sister is very energetic and sometimes messy. [actually a lot messy.] We) had all got to carve a face into it. Of course, I didn't carve a face. I carved a whole bunch of little designs. My older younger sister carved a face with a bow tie on its head. My youngest sister carved an average face on it. And my brother actually carved three faces on top of each other. I like that pumpkin. It was one of my most favorite Halloweens ever. I remember when I first got that pumpkin. We had went to the pumpkin patch. We could not afford any separate pumpkins.So my parents had bought one big pumpkin so we could all carve it together. Afterward, we all got to see it lit up. I believe it was the best jack-o'-lantern ever. The smell of the air also reminded me that it was fall. Which meant that Thanksgiving and christmas were right around the corner. I remember last year’s thanksgiving. I remember when my mom cuts the turkey. The legs didn’t at all taste like a chicken’s leg. Or when my grandmother brings the best tasting stuffing. My favorite part is that most of my extended family comes to our house, and have a wonderful meal together. We had walked about a block away from our house. All of a sudden, my brother tripped. He got back up. Michael didn't look hurt, but the ground certainly sounded like it. The ground had started shaking. But then it died down. We walked one or two blocks farther. We had wondered what that was. "What was that!?"exclaimed my brother. "maybe an aftershock from an earthquake,"I answered. "What earthquake?" Said my Very worried brother. Honestly, I didn't know where. But I just said, "probably from California." A couple minutes after that, the ground started shaking, and shaking, and shaking! Then all of a sudden we felt nothing. A few seconds had passed and then the ground fell apart. My brother, being scared out of his wits, (which I don't blame him,) let go of Anakin’s leash. I can’t forget that face filled with terror. That face that showed me that nothing could be scarier. My brother is scared of some things. And he had a face slightly similar like how it is now. But never a face like the one right now. The last we saw of our dog was when we saw him running as fast as he could away from the broken part of the road. So we didn't get to see our dog anymore. We looked down as far as we could. We then realized that we were looking at the center of the earth. We did not recognize it at first, because the center of the earth was not a big ball of fire. It was actually a big black hole. Only not so big that it imploded on itself. We fell in. It felt like I was being pulled apart. Molecule by molecule.I tried to jump out, but I had failed. I was falling, falling, falling. My brother was right beside me. With the same face as earlier. Only now, he was getting pulled apart. Which made it more frightening. couldn’t bear it. All of a sudden, everything was black. Completely black.

Chapter 2

A few seconds had passed before I realized that we were stuck inside the black hole. My brother was unconscious. But he looked dead. We saw so many stars. They had probably been other stars that were sucked into the earth. Every star looked just like our sun on earth. I never really thought about it. Our sun could actually be a star that then gets sucked into the earth. Then another takes the other star’s place. Who knows how many stars were there. It looked like there was about half of the universe in there. I couldn’t really tell because there are so many stars in the universe. But it surely looked like half. My brother had suddenly woken up with a gasp. It had frightened me. Being that I didn’t expect it. Because we weren’t in an oxidized area. “where are we, Peter?” my brother asked me. “I don’t know, but I think we’re inside the black hole,” I answered. “But how are we still in one piece?” I asked myself quietly “And how are we breathing?” I asked myself a little louder this time. I had realized that we were floating in mid-space. I kept on looking for some kind of illusion device or anti gravity switch There was none to be found. I kept on wondering why this had never happened to other people before.Then that’s when I realized that most missing people most likely fall in the black hole like Michael and I. We decided to look around. Being that there was no hope in just sitting there and waiting for help. We looked around and saw what we thought were two other people. They looked like they just got stuck in the black hole. We went near them, and then we realized that they were asteroids. But A little after that, we met some real people. They looked about 16 to 18. They told us that they just got stuck in too. But they were taking a road trip. Then they hit a speed bump. After a few streets later, it started happening again. Then all of a sudden them and their car got sucked into a big black hole. Both us and them took our separate ways. Being that 1. We didn't know them, and 2. They were older than us and we didn't want anybody to push us around. So we were off. Wondering what would happen next. All of a sudden, we see some black figure moving. It was moving pretty fast. We walked over to it and realized that it was a ninja. “Um… who are you?” my brother asked. The fast ninja stopped and looked at us. I could feel his eyes piercing through michael's soul. There was awkward silence. Then the ninja said, “well my name’s Ned.” “Ned the ninja?” asked my brother. “Sometimes,” said the mysterious Ned, “I also Knit.” Ned the knitting ninja?” questioned my super curious brother.” Yep,” said Ned, “that pretty much sums me up,” replied the very mysterious ninja. He had asked to come with us because he knew a way to get out. But he needed some strong imagination that he or the older kids didn’t have. So we continued our journey with him along our side. A couple “minutes” later, we found a floating pineapple. Michael and I hadn’t eaten breakfast and the ninja wasn’t exactly “full” either. So all three of us lunged at the pineapple. I could feel the warmth, being that I fell on Ned and Michael landed on me. All of a sudden, I heard a new voice, “hey,” said a high squeaky voice, “Get off me!” We realized that it was the pineapple.” I said get off me!” We all got off and then my brother said, “sorry, we thought you were food.” I am, but I’ll only let you eat me if you cut me very slowly,” said the slightly annoying pineapple. I instantly volunteered. I asked for Ned’s sword. I very slowly cut the pineapple. “Not so fast!” yelled the very loud pineapple. I started wondering if we should’ve looked for takeout. Somehow he read my thoughts and said, “too late now, you already cut me halfway.” He frightened me so much that I all of a sudden cut him the rest of the way down. We all ate breakfast. The pineapple tasted like it was just roasted and then coated in the sweetest brown sugar discovered. It reminded me of one of my favorite restaurants, Tucanos. It was a South American cuisine restaurant in New Mexico. But at the same time it tasted bitter and sour. Like the world’s sourest lemon and the world’s bitterest crab apple had a baby, and I was eating it. When I ate it, it wasn’t really hard to gorge it down. But a while after, it was unbearable. It felt like I had just endured 15,000 punches to the gut. And then swallowed a wasp nest. But I wasn’t the only one feeling this painful death (at least it felt like death). I struggled to look around. Being that it was practically draining my strength. I saw both Michael and Ned in the same pose as me. I felt like I had swallowed a ball of fire. An evil ball of fire. It felt like it was taking over my mind. All of a sudden it had stopped. But I still felt a stabbing pain in my stomach. I looked around. I still saw my brother on the “floor”. Ned was coming to. “how long have I been there?” he asked me. “I don’t know, basically because I was doing the same thing,” I answered him. We both stared at my brother. Is that what I looked like? I asked myself in my mind. It looked like he was having a seizure. He got up. All of a sudden I saw the embarrassment in his face. He dusted his pants and stomped his feet as if there was a floor under him. All of a sudden, we all heard these four words. The Beast Is Awake.

Chapter 3

We all heard a sudden growl. Then we heard the two teens we saw earlier. screaming. As if they had seen something. They sounded close. Then we saw them. But we could only see their legs, and shoulders up. It was as if something was holding them. But we could see nothing. Then we saw them flying in an arch. Like something was thrusting them into its mouth. Then, they all of a sudden disappeared. We kept on hearing this pattern of screaming from them. Loud, muffled, loud, muffled, loud, muffled. Then, we heard the crunching of what we thought were the teen’s bones. Then we heard the same growl again. More satisfied sounding than last time. We realized that there was a great beast. We didn't want to be there anymore. But we didn't know where to go. So we just started to run a random direction. Hoping that we wouldn't run into the beast. My name is the Dark Lord I thought I heard in my head. But it didn't sound like my voice, it sounded like very dark and sinister. I started to run as fast as I could the other way. Hoping that it would get out of my mind. You can run all you want. But you're not leaving my mind grasp. “How did you find me?” I asked this so called “Dark Lord ”. The pineapple. He is a tracking device. I all of a sudden felt my breakfast. But that did explain that feeling that all three of us had earlier. Yes. That is a slight side effect. It’s new software. But it’s much better than the skunk cabbage. I thought you beings liked cabbage. “We do. But not skunk cabbage,” I answered the Dark Lord . Well it doesn’t matter now. I have you now. “Why do you want me?” I looked at Michael and Ned. They acted as if I was talking to nothing. It certainly looks like it to them. Only you can hear me. “You never answered me,” I said, “Why do you want me?” Because I need a human relative. I am related to all three of you in some way. But I need the oldest one of you. “What about Ned? He’s older than me.” He isn’t human. He’s a species of alien just like me. We were human. But the lack of oxygen turned us into great aliens that can breath any gas. Including black matter. “I’ve heard enough,” I said mostly to Ned and the Dark Lord , “You can breath any gas including Dark Matter right?” Both Ned and the Dark lord said yes at the same time. Unaware that each other said yes. Then I feel like the Dark Lord was right in front of me. I could feel the heat coming from his breath. I couldn’t smell it because of my oxygen bubble. Then I say as loud as I can to Ned’s direction, “Ned, Inhale as hard as you can, now!” I hear this kind of vacuum sound. Then I hear this mixture of a growl and a no from the Dark Lord . “Who is that growling?,” My brother asks, “You can hear him too?” I ask in surprise. “Now I can,” said my brother. Ned is still breathing in strong. The Dark Lord is still doing the growling. But now it’s fainter than last time. Then all I hear is the vacuuming of Ned. “Stop!” I say to him. But it’s clearly not loud enough. But he stops anyway. “You defeated the Dark Lord , how?” questions Ned. “Both you and the Dark Lord can breath in any gas including dark matter, right?” Ned nods. “And dark matter is invisible. Right?” Ned does a second nod.”And dark matter takes up most of the universe,right?” Ned does a second nod.”Where are you going with this?” he says. “I’m saying that the Dark Lord is dark matter. And you just sucked him up,” I say to him, “Oh, I get it now,” says the very happy Ned. “Wait a minute,” said my brother, “ Did I miss something? Who is the Dark Lord and what was that growling?”, “The growling was the Dark Lord ,” I explain. Ned adds, “The Dark Lord , I guess you could say, is the boss around here. He eats anybody that tresspasses in the black hole, but I could never figure out why he never ate me,”, “You should probably knit a net that is bigger on the inside, and then you could swallow it and trap the Dark Lord in the net,” I suggested, knowing it was a crazy idea. , “That just might work,” exclaims Ned. “Really?” I say in surprise. The next few hours, we walk around, looking for something real to stand on. I’m starting to realize that every time Ned exhales, he lets more of the Dark Lord out. So Both Michael and I circle around him so he breathes oxygen. Which keeps the Dark Lord inside Ned’s lungs. Because the Dark Lord needs Michael and I human. When Ned finished his net, it was very… interesting. It looked pink and blue at the same time. It also looked soft and rough at the same time. Ned told me to put my hand in it. He said that the bag that looked like it could fit a hand, could fit me. I stuck my hand in, then my arm, then I accidentally fell in. It was big enough to fit 10 of me. I climbed out and congratulated him on a job well done. He swallowed it. I nearly gagged when I saw him swallow it. He belched it out.(Which was twice as disgusting)I felt that the evil Dark Lord was in there. I saw it drifting away. That little sack of darkness. I was wondering if the Dark Lord would get out. If he had little minions of his very own. Then I heard my brother say, “Hey look, a planet.”

Chapter 4

We all saw it. We were all tired of walking on nothing. We saw it as an opportunity. We ran toward the planet as fast as we could. Ned got there first. Being that he was the ninja. The closer we got to it, the more it looked like paradise. It was golden with silver lines. I figured the land was golden and the silver was the streets. We all landed on what we could figure were cars. They all looked like cars. These things had 3 wheels, 3 headlights, and only 1 window, the back one. And we heard people-like creatures yelling out of the “cars”. So we jumped off. I looked to my left and saw my brother, kissing the ground. I wondered what the floor tasted like. But I kind of didn’t want to know. So we all walked around, looking for directions. Instead of directions, I run into a big statue of my dog! It was an exact replica of him. I walk away in an awkward fashion. Then I bump into a scientist. At least I think he was a scientist. He talked and dressed like one. “Why are you not bowing?” he said in a somewhat normal voice. These aliens had small beady eyes, no nose, and an indentation where the mouth is. “Because he is my dog,”I said. They all stopped. They started bowing to me!”Oh!” said the scientist, “My apologies,” I said, ”Hey, my brother and I are a long way from home. Can you give me a lift?” “Of course. Where are you from?” said the little man while he pulls out a pencil and paper. “Earth,” I say as if I was disappointing him.”No problem,” he says as he throws away his paper and pencil, “I can get you there easy.” “Really?” I say raising an eyebrow. “Follow me,” he says. We walk toward this small little hut. He shows us in and introduces his machine to us. It looks like two slingshots pointing to the sky. They look like they are about to shoot two sphere capsules. We buckle up, ready to go. “Wait, what about Ned?” I ask. “I don’t want to go,” explains Ned, “I like staying here.” ”Ok, fire it up!” I yell. The alien fires it up and then… it malfunctions. We get out and have the scientist get out and have the scientist fix it. An hour later, it’s fixed, With the Dark Lord caught and the scientist’s machine fixed, we buckled up into the machine again and blasted out of the black hole and onto the earth’s surface. Then we, wait are we in China?


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